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Marketing Focus – Delighting your Clients

Marketing Focus – Delighting your Clients

Your customers are the best and worst promotional tool. Happy customers can become your advocates, spread the word about your company and give very powerful personal recommendations and referrals. Unfortunately, unhappy customers are normally more vocal than happy ones and are likely to complain to many of their friends and family and now their network on social media.

There are a number of ways to delight your customers and develop a loyal customer base who do your promotional work for you. On our blog we’ve put together some dos and don’ts for keeping clients happy, here are just a few:

  • Go the extra mile - Wow your customers and leave them feeling satisfied about parting with their hard earned cash
  • Pay attention to detail – This, according to Sir Richard Branson, is the difference between a satisfactory experience and a great one
  • Don’t lose sight of your key objectives, standards will slip and customers will suffer
  • Don’t over commit
  • Don’t lose that personal touch - people buy from people
  • Deal with complaints quickly
  • Under promise and over deliver

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Marbella Club Hotel
Client Case Study - Marbella Club Hotel

In December we started working with The Marbella Club Hotel to manage all their Public Relations activities. The Marbella Club is a fantastic hotel with a number of great restaurants, a Thalasso Spa, a Golf Course and the newly opened Champagne Room which is the most exclusive venue for connoisseurs of champagne. It is a wonderful product to promote and we're delighted to be working with them.

We are responsible for the following:

• Copywriting press releases and articles
• Hosting press visits and dealing with media requests
• Local Public Relations work to promote events
• Managing the International agencies
• Creating a monthly newsletter
• Facebook Management and Social Media support
• Managing website production and modifications
• Managing the production of their in house Yearbook

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Amalfi Nights at the Marbella Club

Amalfi Nights at the Marbella Club

This Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February the chefs from Italy's Santa Caterina Hotel will be presenting a special Italian Menu at The Grill in the Marbella Club Hotel. The evening will begin in the new Champagne Room with a Bellini cocktail and canapés. During the meal, there will be entertainment from International Tenor Stephen Lloyd Morgan, performing popular Italian Arias so diners can experience the tastes and sounds of Italy.

Amalfi Nights at the Marbella Club

The Santa Caterina Hotel is famous for its stunning views, amazing location and its fine Italian food. For just two nights, Head Chef Domenico Cuomo will be bringing his award-winning cuisine to Marbella. This special menu represents the best from the Campania region and will be a slice of the Amalfi Coast for diners to enjoy.

Amalfi Nights at The Grill costs 85€ per person, drinks not included. Call 952 82 22 11 to reserve a table.






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