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Marketing Focus – Press Releases
Marketing Focus – Press Releases

A press release is a great method to release information about your company, product, service or event to the media and generate promotion without paying for advertising. However, always remember that a press release must be interesting and newsworthy and you need to understand your local media and make connections with journalists to improve your results. In this day and age where the media are under a lot of pressure to keep afloat, it may also be necessary to support the release with low level advertising to maximise opportunities.

We’ve produced a handy guide to press releases and how to write them on our blog. Here’s some of the key information:

• Newsworthy information which is sent out to all media types

• Must be interesting for their audience and not an advertisement

• The most important information must be at the beginning

• Written in a manner that is appropriate for the media’s audience

You can read the full guide to producing press releases by clicking here and also check our Guide to Public Relations on our blog.

If you would like Shaw Marketing Services to help you with your Press Releases, call us now on 952 903 154 to arrange a meeting.

Case Study - Award Entries
Case Study - Award Entries

Winning an award can be an excellent way to generate publicity for a business, allow you to network with high profile individuals, use it as a focus for a PR campaign and also set the business apart from your competition. However the process of producing an award entry can be very time consuming and it’s vital that the entry is presented correctly both in terms of how it is written, designed and laid out.

Shaw Marketing Services has been involved in the production of several award entries over the years, most notably for Hotel Claude and the Marbella Club Hotel. In 2009 Hotel Claude won The Best Small Hotel Spain Award in the Europe & Africa Property Awards and Shaw Marketing prepared the entry. Franz Willmes, Managing Owner of Hotel Claude commented at the time, “We are incredibly proud to have won this award. Being named Best Small Hotel in Spain is a fantastic way to reward our hard work and reinforce our belief that we have created a unique hotel, combining the best of the old with all the latest modern comforts”

Last year we prepared the award entry for the Marbella Club Hotel for International Hotel Awards and as a result they won three awards at the prestigious event; Best Hotel Spain, Best Hotel Europe and were highly commended for the refurbishment of their legendary Champagne Room. Sales and Marketing Director, Julian Cabanillas, travelled to London to collect the awards and said “It is a huge honour to represent the Marbella Club and to collect these awards on behalf of all the team. To be recognized as the Best Hotel in Europe is an amazing accolade and confirmation that all the vision, passion and investment have paid off to give us a product capable of beating all the competition.”

Shaw Marketing Services are available to help your business to maximize your chances of winning awards and promote the results to the local and International media. Please contact us for more information.

MC Gourmet Club - Champage Tasting

On the 14th of March at 19.00 the MC Gourmet Club presents an informative and enjoyable Champagne Tasting event run by Angel Gonzalez, Award-Winning Sommelier of the Marbella Club Hotel. Angel was responsible for selecting the wine list for the iconic Champagne Room and The Grill at the Marbella Club which was recognized as the Best Wine List in Spain in 2012.

Angel will guide guests through a tasting of four champagnes, some of which are from small producers and very hard to find. The champagnes will include a Blanc de Blanc, a rosé Grand Cru and a very interesting Grand Cru which Angel describes as “like a wild animal with fangs which can be an education for even the most experienced Champagne aficionados.”

Angel Gonzalez, Award-Winning Sommelier of the Marbella Club Hotel

This will be a highly informative event including a presentation which will teach participants about Champagne, the different types and producers and of course how to taste them to get the most from their flavour. Angel will let participants discover the secrets of the world’s most glamorous drink and following the tasting, guests will be invited to enjoy a glass of champagne and canapés in the opulent Champagne Room.

Champagne Room

The event will last approximately one and a half hours and costs 30€ per head. Places are limited, to book please email or call 952 82 22 11

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