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Marketing Focus - Marketing in 2014
Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

A very Happy New Year from all the team at Shaw Marketing Services! For our first marketing focus of the year we’ve been looking at a really interesting report by Vocus on digital marketing trends, ideas and innovations for 2014. The key messages are as follows:

• Integrate digital marketing into your strategic marketing plan

• Measure the effectiveness of any new digital method you use and decide if it is worth the investment

• Capture as much data as possible and analyse everything you can to make your company work better and understand your customers

• Social media’s popularity is still growing and offers opportunities for businesses to interact and build relationships with clients online

• Create quality content around feeding people’s ego, need for information and emotion to get the best results. Feed this into your website, blog and social media and integrate it with your traditional PR activity

You can read the full article on our blog here.

Speecsavers Charity Campaign
Client Case Study – Specsavers

On 10th October Specsavers Opticas launched a campaign to collect 3,000 pairs of unwanted glasses in just three months to be given to the Lions Club International and distributed to those in need. This campaign strove to give the gift of sight to some of the world’s poorest people and the response has been fantastic. 4,436 pairs of glasses have been donated over the three month campaign across all eight stores, well over the target!

Shaw Marketing Services were involved in the conception of this campaign, contacting the local Lions Clubs to co-ordinate the campaign and build long term relationships as well as writing the press releases and distributing the news to the press on the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Mallorca. We are currently sharing the results of the fantastic campaign with the local community and the media interest has been fantastic to date with 17 printed mentions of the campaign, one TV interview, 6 radio interviews and many online mentions.

Lions Club representatives are located across many developing countries including Africa and India. They test the eyes of locals and send requests for the required prescription glasses onto the fulfilment plant. Lions Club International collects around 70,000 pairs of glasses to be re-dispensed every year, with each one being donated and hand selected for specific people in need

You can find out more information on the campaign here

SIS Students Shine!

SIS Students Shine!

On the 25th January, the Kempinski Hotel hosted the Final of Reality Star 2013, where eight talented junior contestants and seven senior contestants battled it out to win the title. They each performed just one song in front of a star studded judging panel to score as many points as possible and Sotogrande International School students swept the board in the junior category. The success of the students at the competition reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing talent, promoting excellence and empowering young people to be the best they can be.

Safina Usmanova

Winner - 14 year old Safina Usmanova from Russia who captured judge’s attention as well as audience with her amazing vocal and multilingual abilities, singing in English and French!

The Runner up was Annie White also 14 years old, from Gibraltar, with an amazing voice and perfect vocal abilities, the judges said that she is a name to remember for the future!

Best original Song went to Veronica Malka -14 years old, the Best Performance prize was given to Tomas de La Rosa, a rapper and singer who really impressed with his charisma. They awarded a special prize for the Youngest Performer to 9 year old Bogdan Rodionov from Russia, a great young talent who really impressed the organizers with his maturity and confidence.

To find out more about the winners or register to compete in the next contest please visit To find out more about music and drama at Sotogrande International School visit