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We've Rebranded - Check out our new look!

Sorry we've been quiet of late, but we've been spending our time creating our new brand image, re-writing our entire website, creating a new leaflet, setting-up a blog, as well as of course continuing with the day job. After a short summer break, we're back refreshed and raring to go and finally ready to share our new image with you all, we hope you like it!

Please visit our website and check out the blog and let us know what you think. The blog contains lots of great marketing and PR information, local events and news and views from the area. I will be writing a monthly Marketing Focus piece which will give you an overview of each area of marketing to help you understand what the possibilities are for marketing your company.

Why not get involved by sending me your events and commenting on the posts you find interesting? We'd love to hear from you!

Marketing Focus - Advertising

We are all constantly bombarded with advertising on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines and everywhere we look; on billboards, shop fronts, posters and much more. However, when I speak to businesses many people say that "advertising doesn't work", so why is everyone still doing it?

I think one of the big problems is people don't really think why they are advertising and what they want to achieve. The big companies spend millions each year to simply get their brands recognised and stand out in a crowded marketplace and it works! What do you think of when you see the colours red and white? Coca Cola. What do you call your vacuum cleaner? A Hoover of course, so you see these brands have imbedded themselves into your unconscious and whether you like it or not, this will influence your buying behaviour - I certainly never ask for a Pepsi!

Now of course most companies do not have the budget to be happy with simply building the brand (although this is always important) so our objective must be also to elicit a reaction in our consumer. This is a different type of advertising known as Direct Response Advertising, where you encourage someone to order your product due to a special offer, or register their interest by requesting a free trial, or downloading something from your website. If you have a good offer, a good ad and put it in the right media this is an easily measureable and highly effective form of advertising which certainly does work!

To find out more please read my article on advertising which offers practical advice on exactly how to make your advertising effective. Alternatively, please send us an email if you'd like help to improve the results from your advertising.

Shaw Marketing Services sign Specsavers as a new PR client

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with the World's largest privately owned opticians - Specsavers.

Shaw Marketing Services is working with Specsavers Opticas to promote the brand to Spanish consumers via public relations and increase the number of Spanish visiting their stores on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. They have four stores in Fuengirola, Calpe, Jávea and Torrevieja and want to expand their customer base from predominantly expats to a mix of nationalities.

Specsavers has started a marketing and PR campaign aimed at the Spanish market to promote their brand, draw attention to their existing stores and highlight their amazing offers such as a complete pair of glasses from 25€ and two for one glasses from 75€

We are working alongside Advent Communications to take care of the public relations side of the campaign, whilst they produce the advertisements and printed materials. Our first press release introducing Specsavers' Price Revolution was sent out early in August and we are producing some great articles and news stories to accompany it.

This is great news for Shaw Marketing Services and continues the expansion of the Spanish side of our company. We are now able to produce press releases, articles and marketing materials in English and Spanish and liaise with the Spanish and expatriate press on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, as well as in the UK.

If you'd like to find out how Shaw Marketing Services could help your business, please email us today