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Account Management


Account Manager

An Account Manager is someone who will take care of your marketing campaign and make sure that the creative people undertaking the work fully understand what you want to achieve. They will be your one point of contact who can communicate your objectives, ideas and hopes to the experts who will be implementing your campaign.

Account Management is the glue that sticks together all the disparate parts of a marketing campaign and unifies them under the client’s requirements. Your Account Manager will chase the designers, supply artwork to printers, make sure that ads appear as and when they should and generally make sure that everything is running smoothly so you don’t have to!

A great thing about Shaw Marketing Services is that our Account Director comes from a full-service agency and has been trained in many different fields. She also works very closely with the designers and web specialists, so fully understands all the processes. With this varied background and wide knowledge base, she can advise you what would work best, what’s involved and represent your interests to make sure the results fit your brief.

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