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Advertising on the Costa del Sol

Advertising in the media on the Costa del Sol is a great way to promote your company quickly, easily and in a controlled way. As you pay for the space, you can decide what goes in it, when it appears and at what size and keep total control of the way you portray your brand. This is an important part of the marketing mix.

There are many newspapers, magazines, radio stations and local TV which cater for the Spanish, English and International people living and visiting the Costa del Sol, so reaching your target market is easy. Advertising prices have also dropped in response to the market conditions so you can pick up a bargain.


Shaw Marketing Services can:

Produce a recommended list of media to achieve your objectives
Produce your ads – brainstorming, design, copywriting
Negotiate with the media on price and added extras such as editorial
Produce a detailed media plan
Produce a detailed media plan
Buy the space on your behalf
Help you evaluate results

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