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Copywriting is a strange term which just means writing marketing text. This includes advertisements, websites, email newsletters, press releases, sales letters, articles and much more.

We passionately believe in the power of well-written marketing materials! How many times have you read badly written, misspelled, grammatically incorrect marketing text and received a bad impression of the company?

Unfortunately it is all too common for business-owners to take on the job of copywriting when they really aren’t up to the task. This means that they produce leaflets, letters and websites which let their business down and do not reflect the quality of the product or service. Writing an article is very different from writing an email, so if you want to project a good impression of your company, hiring a professional copywriter is a wise investment.

Shaw Marketing Services writes a range of materials for their clients and can help you to produce materials you can be proud of! We also offer a proof-reading service on any of your existing materials if you are concerned they are not portraying your company in the best light. Please contact us to find out more about professional copywriting in Spain.

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