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Where are you from?
Everywhere and nowhere! My parents were in the RAF so we lived all over the place. A bit of a nomadic youth.

What brings you to Spain?
My husband and I wanted to leave the UK for a while before buying a house and settling down. I had a job offer through a family connection here in the South of Spain and so we thought we would give it a go for a couple of years.

Over a decade later we’re still here!

How does living and working in Spain differ from the UK?
Here in the South of Spain it is a bit more informal than what I was used to in the UK. My lawyer wears flip flops and shorts! It’s also really child friendly here, which makes it much easier to continue to have a life after having children.

I find the pace of life and rhythm to the day very comfortable and now find going back to the hustle and bustle in the UK quite stressful! Perhaps I’m more Spanish than English now?

What did you do before working with Shaw Marketing Services?
My background in the UK was working in online software and website development as a Project Manager. My clients included Bupa, NHS Newcastle and TNS as well as many others. Working on such large projects with some extremely talented developers gave me experience and skills across a wide range of platforms. We were doing Facebook and Social Media marketing before it even had a name!

Recently I have been working with smaller businesses here in Spain and in the UK helping them set up and implement a content marketing and social media strategy and incorporating their print advertising and real world events as well. It’s great to work with businesses where these small changes make a real, BIG difference.

What does your job entail with Shaw Marketing Services?
I’m a behind the scenes person! Georgina does all the talking and I can be at the computer researching and writing. It’s the perfect scenario for me. Helping put together content for websites and blogs and planning how best to use it on social media and in other marketing is what I love.

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