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Georgina Recommends – Matuya Sushi Buffet

Georgina Recommends - Matuya Sushi Buffet

Georgina Recommends – Matuya Sushi Buffet

We’re massive sushi fans in our family and my son Lucas can put it away at a scary rate.

That’s why we love a sushi buffet and this one is really great value and a very good standard.

Plus, it’s not just sushi! You can have dumplings, soups, sides, wok and rice dishes, so you won’t get bored, as long as you like Asian food and are hungry, it’s a great choice.

Here’s our review of this great restaurant, we’d love to hear if you’ve tried it and what you think, or where else we should try for affordable sushi. Recommendations please!!

The Location

Matuya is located on Calle Notario Luis Oliver, in the middle of Marbella, tucked away on a side road which connects the main high street of Ricardo Soriano, with the Puerto Deportivo. Take a right by the big Mango and follow that road for a few minutes and it’s on your left, close to Hotel Finlandia and Telepizza.

On street parking is pretty limited around here, so expect to drive around a bit and walk. There is an underground car park nearby, but it’s a pricy one.

The Décor/Atmosphere

This is a modern restaurant, with a nice fresh look and feel. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s comfortable with a nice atmosphere. You can eat inside or outside and they even have a robot waiter to bring along some dishes to your table, which is a lot of fun – particularly to kids.

The Food

We absolutely love sushi and Asian food in general and really enjoy the food here. There is a varied menu of dishes, which includes all the greatest hits.

We take on the challenge of the “all you can eat” element of this buffet and really get stuck in on all the delicious dishes. We always get a big selection of sushi, including plenty of maki and nigiri. We also enjoy the edamame beans, miso soup, panko chicken and prawns, yakitori skewers, gyoza, spring rolls and noodles. Everything is delicious!

It is tempting to order everything, but there is a penalty for food wastage, so be careful! You’re best to order a little at a time, to ensure you don’t end up with more than you can manage. It comes really quickly and it’s fun to be able to keep sending requests through a bit at a time.

Most things are included in the buffet, but there are some premium things that aren’t, so just check and make sure before you order, so you haven’t got any nasty surprises when the bill comes.

The Service

The service is efficient, but not exactly warm. However, that doesn’t impact the experience much, because every table has a tablet, where you can order as you go, without having to call anyone over. If you have a kid or teen, it’s a definite plus point, that they can get involved with technology and enjoy the experience of ordering.

The Price

If you like sushi and can really put it away, this place is amazing value for money.

It’s €18.95 for lunch during the week and €20.95 for the weekends and evenings. This doesn’t include drinks or some of the premium dishes, but you can have an absolute feast for a very small price tag.

The fact that sushi is normally so expensive for so little, and here you can eat as much as you like makes us always come back for more. It’s the perfect place for a sushi obsessed pre-teen and a family with big appetites!

Key details

Address – C. Notario Luis Oliver, 15, local 4-5, 29602 Marbella, Málaga

Google Maphttps://maps.app.goo.gl/3hNvvRX4J2DaeLBs6

Opening Hours – Closed Tuesday, Open all other days 13.00-16.30 and 19.00-23.45

Website – No website, only a Facebook page, which isn’t regularly updated, https://www.facebook.com/matuyasushi2018/

Telephone – 952 77 02 46

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  • Melissa Vaughn

    Good to know, being my husband is mad about sushi!
    Thank you for sharing this recommendation, Georgina.
    M x

    March 9, 2024at14:30

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