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Marketing Focus – Sales Promotions

Sales Promotions

Marketing Focus – Sales Promotions

Sales promotions form an important part of the promotional mix which can be integrated in to any good public relations strategy. These promotions are used to encourage consumers to buy new products, to re-engage with lapsed customers, to reinforce brand loyalty, encourage brand switching and to increase sales.

Sales promotions can be fun and interesting for the customer, encouraging them to look out for more, creating brand loyalty. They can take many forms such as special offers, limited edition products or free gifts.

Today’s economic climate has seen consumers curb on their spending and has resulted in them looking for special offers and cut prices. This is a perfect time to introduce some sales promotions and gain some new customers while encouraging existing ones to re-purchase, boosting sales and profit.

The key elements of a sales promotion are:

  • Encourages trial – consumers are persuaded to sample new products or services if they offer a free gift or are on offer  for a special price.
  • Customer redemption – by offering a sales promotion in the form of a coupon or points card this will encourage customers to return to the product or service in order to receive their reward.
  • Encourages brand switching – sales promotions encourage consumers to switch from other brands by offering free trials, gifts and discounted prices.

When setting a sales promotion it is important to be realistic with the offer ensuring that you as a business do not end up out of pocket, the purpose is to encourage sales and boost profits.

Follow these simple rules when creating sales promotions

  • Set measurable objectives for the sales promotion
  • Think about what you are trying to achieve from the promotion
  • Think about your target market
  • Consider what media type will be most effective
  • Ensure that you are able to evaluate

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