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Top Ten Marketing Tools

Top Ten Marketing Tools

In order to become more visible and attract more clients, companies use a range of different marketing tools. These include; advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and many others which will be described in this article. We wanted to give you a breakdown of all of...

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Marketing Focus - B2B Marketing

Marketing Focus – B2B Marketing

B2B stands for Business-to-Business Marketing and is a way for companies to connect with other companies and focus on selling to them, rather than going to consumers. You can be selling to a company for them to sell on to consumers, such as pitching your...

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Marketing Focus – The 5 Key Marketing Methods

Marketing options infographic headerOn 7th October we will be offering our first training course which will give delegates an introduction to the five basic tools of marketing and work with them to fully understand them and learn how to apply them for their business. Click here to find out more and register.

Before the course, I wanted to give you a quick overview of the methods which we will explore in depth at the event, to give you a taster and help you become more informed about the different options open to you from a marketing point of view.

There are 5 main elements which make up marketing, and businesses should be using a combination of techniques to make the most of the power of each technique.


This is used to:

o    Create awareness of your company

o    Persuade people to buy from you by promoting products and services

o    Reinforce your existence by consistently repeating key messages

Marketing Focus – Twitter Part 2

Twitter for BusinessThe last time I looked at the topic of Twitter was back in 2010 when I gave an overview of how to use Twitter as a marketing method for your business. Four years on, I wanted to take another look at Twitter and how things have progressed over this time, looking at the possibilities of Twitter ads and promoted accounts which allow you to generate more followers or get more exposure for a particular tweet.

Twitter themselves offer some great help and advice I suggest you start with the Twitter Help Centre which is a mine of information – Then they have their own Twitter accounts such as this one which offers advice for small companies in the UK and runs webinars and creates glossaries which we can apply to business here in Spain. There’s also the general one out of the US which includes all the updates as well as top tips

I recently did a webinar with the Twitter team in the UK to refresh my knowledge of this great marketing tool (things change so quickly so you need to keep up to speed) and they shared some really interesting facts related to doing business on Twitter – very different to sharing what you had for dinner!

Marketing Focus – Careers in Marketing

careers fair 2We were delighted to be asked to give a presentation at Sotogrande International School’s first career convention last month and so for this month’s Marketing Focus I thought reviewing careers in marketing could be a useful insight for students and those thinking of changing careers.

What is marketing? Marketing is essentially communicating a message about a company, product, service or concept and it can take many forms – advertising (paid for promotion with a commercial message), public relations (using less commercial means such as media relations, events and community engagement to give a positive impression of a company), digital marketing (online marketing using a variety of means), sales promotion (the use of offers and deals to sell products and services at a special price/conditions), branding (logos, packaging etc.)

Where could you work? There are two main options – an agency or in-house (within a company). Although these both deal with marketing, the roles are very different and different people are suited to each path.

I was identified as an agency person early on by a specialist recruitment agency, I value variety and am easily bored and driven by deadlines, so the demanding and sometimes cut-throat world of an agency suited me.

However, there is little security in an agency and people tend to move jobs often, with long hours, a lot of pressure and a lot of competition to get to the top.

If you like the idea of marketing but prefer a more steady job, then working in a company’s own marketing department and either having sole responsibility for the function, or managing agencies could be a better option for you. The hours are more consistent and shorter, the working conditions tend to be better and there is much more security. However, the work can be very similar and sometimes dull, the politics within the company can be tricky, with the managing of agencies being demanding.

A good recruitment agent can advise what side would be more suitable for you. In London I used these guys and they had lots of really good information on their website as well