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Arboretum Marbella Launch Permaculture Design Course 2015 with Early Bird Booking Discount

Arboretum Marbella Launch Permaculture Design Course 2015 with Early Bird Booking Discount

PDC-2015ENGArboretum Marbella, the award-winning permaculture project in Andalucia Spain, is holding a Permaculture Design Course from 9th to 22nd of October. Certified by the British Permaculture Association and comprising of 112 hours of theoretical and practical training, this comprehensive course is internationally recognised and necessary for gaining the Diploma in Applied Permaculture. This course is longer and more comprehensive than the international standard and features inspirational, experienced and committed trainers delivering quality content in English and Spanish. Bookings can now be made via www.arboretumpdc.org and there is an early bird discount until 1st August.

The course is focussed on environmental activism, social economy, community projects, urban permaculture, food sovereignty, developing resilience on a local level, Transition Towns and strategies for forming positive alliances. Organizers believe this content will meet the needs of modern society and the changing times.

The multidisciplinary team of professionals and international educators have years of practical experience and will teach exactly what permaculture is and how to apply it personally and professionally. High profile trainers include Naresh Giangrande, co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and responsible for developing and delivering training for the Transition Town Network, and Aranya an expert in permaculture, experienced trainer, author and senior tutor for the permaculture diploma.

The course is for anyone who has the ambition to change their lives and their surroundings through a learning experience that will lead to a personal transformation and an internationally recognised qualification. It provides theoretical and practical learning and a dynamic and active approach. Students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively in small groups led by well-respected professionals in permaculture. With a big emphasis on real case studies, students will leave the course with the tools to allow them to become a changing force in society.

Three options are available, a Permaculture Design Module (40 hours), a basic programme (72 hours) and the full course (112 hours) and prices start from €270. Bookings can be made online at www.arboretumpdc.org, book before August 1st for a large early bird booking discount.

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