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Get Ready for Summer With Kids – Summer Camp Information & Application Help

Get Ready for Summer With Kids – Summer Camp Information & Application Help

summer-campLet me start this post by admitting that I am a total control freak and whilst I love Spain, it drives me crazy that you aren’t given any information until the last possible moment. So lately I have been looking at my diary and getting in a flap about the looming summer holidays and what I am going to do with my little one for well over 2 months! The fact that my son breaks up from school on the 23rd June and doesn’t go back to school until around 10th September has been filling me with dread and the vague options for a summer camp starting at some point in July have not been helping, as I need facts and forms.

So I am delighted to announce that the lovely Valentina Radu from the Foreigners’ Department of the Manilva Town Hall has agreed to hold a meeting for parents like me on 18th May at 9.30 to discuss the summer camps available. She will be bringing all the information from the different summer camps available with prices and dates and also forms to fill in to apply and she will give anyone who needs it a hand to fill them in – hooray!! It’s totally free and she’ll even throw in a coffee so we can get to know the other Mums and Dads in the area as well. Here’s the Facebook event with all the details so you can RSVP.

I have asked her to also discuss how to apply for schools in September for those people who missed the application window as I know a few worried parents in that position and she’s happy to do that, as well as hear any concerns or suggestions on the topic of education. I hope some of you can make it and assure me that I am not the only control freak that needs to get her child signed up for camp asap.

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