Hotdesking with colleagues and friends

Hotdesking with colleagues and friends

As an Our Space member you can have free guest passes so that colleagues and friends can come and work with you from time to time. So yesterday, for day 2 of my hotdesking week, I brought in my colleague Teresa Floro and we had a very productive day.

The first thing that strikes you when you go into Our Space Marbella is the space, light and natural materials – very different to our basement office. It’s so nice to bring in colleagues and clients and show off where you work. Everywhere you look is wood, water, plants and lots of glass to let in light and offer great views of the palm trees, blue skies and the iconic La Concha. There’s a really nice buzz, with plenty of other professional people making use of the space, working, networking and chilling out.

It’s a lovely place to work with a colleague or friend. Teresa and I chose a table in the main hotdesking area, right next to one of the beautiful living walls and the water feature and it was a really inspiring place to be. Being face to face across a table made us talk more and feel more collaborative. She used the video conferencing booth to make a few important calls, we took advantage of the free coffees and water and we got a lot achieved.

There are quite a few teams who are using the hotdesk area, as well as others who have chosen the private offices and it makes for a nice buzz, with colleagues using different areas and then getting together in the meeting room or around a large table to share ideas and get things done. This is definitely not just the realm of the solopreneur!

One of the massive benefits of working in an office you can really be proud of is that you can invite people to come and meet you at the office rather than going to see them. This saves significant travel time and maximises productivity, while also saving you money on expensive car parks. I held a quick client meeting here today and it was so great to have a receptionist to meet them as they came in, welcome them, offer them a drink and show them in. It is a great first impression which can make the difference between winning the client and not.

This was a much more productive day than yesterday, as I got straight into work and knew my way round. I already feel comfortable in the shared space and am naturally meeting with fellow members who could become future clients, I am sure that this will improve every day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

Remember, you can also claim your free hotdesking pass online and join me in trying out this great work experience.

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