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Interview with Jenny Gellatly, Trainer Arboretum Permaculture Design Course 2015, Marbella

Interview with Jenny Gellatly, Trainer Arboretum Permaculture Design Course 2015, Marbella

jennyWe’re very excited as next week (9th to 22nd of October) Arboretum Marbella is holding a Permaculture Design Course, certified by the British Permaculture Association. Comprising of 112 hours of theoretical and practical training, this comprehensive course is internationally recognised and features inspirational, experienced and committed trainers delivering quality content in English and Spanish. Bookings can be made for just a few more days via www.arboretumpdc.org.

We caught up with one of the amazing trainers Jenny Gellatly, education and communication coordinator of School Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture, to find out more about her and her views on permaculture.

How did you get into permaculture? – When I moved to Totnes I became very involved with the Transition movement and I spent two years studying sustainable horticulture part time at Schumacher College.

How do you incorporate it into your daily life? – Could I describe myself as a permaculturist?  I haven’t studied the subject but I have absorbed many of the principles and practices through my involvement with the Transition movement and through studying and practising sustainable horticulture, so perhaps…

In my daily life I try to live in a way that isn’t too demanding of the planet, that contributes in a positive way, that builds connection and community and that engages with social and environmental issues, from the small day to day considerations to much wider global issues.

Do you think permaculture can offer us real and viable solutions to current challenges? – My involvement in the Transition movement offered me an opportunity to work towards building positive and very real examples of new ways of doing things that were more environmentally and socially sustainable.  I believe permaculture offers one of many solutions, and we need many and a diverse range in order to address the scale of the issues.

What permaculture ´jobs´ do you enjoy doing most? – Right now, I’m very much enjoying co-creating the Guadal film about citizen-responses to the economic crisis in Spain, many of which are informed by permaculture (is that a permaculture job?)

Why would you recommend that somebody studies permaculture? – Permaculture offers a very positive approach to addressing some of the issues we face, and I’d suggest we need positive demonstrations of the possible, as well as ways of resisting those things that we don’t want.

During your course, what do you think will be the key things to learn and the most useful for the students? – Mapping tools for understanding your local food web, how to set up a CSA, and other tools and learning from my own direct experience of putting projects into practice.

In just three words, what does this PDC course offer its participants? – Inspiration, possibility, Joy

Book your place before 3rd October and you and a friend could study together for just 1,000€ so don’t delay!! http://arboretumpdc.org/en/index.html  ‪‎‬ ‪‬ ‪

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