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Life’s a Beach on the Costa del Sol

Life’s a Beach on the Costa del Sol

9There are many ways in which living and working in Spain is a really difficult challenge, and as a marketing agency on the Costa del Sol for the last 7 years, we’ve lived through a lot of up and downs. However, what is never in doubt is the amazing lifestyle!

Today, sitting on the beach at the end of March in the bright sunshine, celebrating a birthday right by the waves, I was struck by just what a privilege living here really is. Our friends’ family shared delicious food and drink and we chatted to the best of our ability in Spanish.

My son played non-stop on the sand, building sandcastles and running around, happy as larry. Looking at him enjoying himself so much made me think just how different his life would be in the UK and made me very happy to have made this decision and made the business work in order to give him this wonderful lifestyle.

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