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Marbella with Love Charity Launches

Marbella with Love Charity Launches

Marbella with Love Charity Launches

Shaw Marketing Services is passionate about helping charitable causes to raise funds and do good in the local community and beyond. We are also great believers in the power of corporate social responsibility for promotion and positive PR, so we were delighted to be told about the new charitable initiative Marbella with Love and invited to support it.

Marbella with Love has been set up by the team behind Collective Calling to bring together music and charity with a series of great music events. These events will raise money to empower vulnerable children and orphans, as well as being fantastic evenings with music from the brilliant Mr Maph.

The first event is taking place on Friday 16th of November at Kah Marbella. Mr Maph will be performing and there will be champagne and canapés and a great atmosphere. Tickets cost 50€ and all profits will go to helping these vulnerable children. Buy your tickets

They are looking for companies to sponsor these events and have come up with a really nice way to do it. If a company buys for or more tickets to the event, they will have their logo included on the photocall and will get some love on their social media channels. What a great way to have a work night out, improve your brand recognition and get some online promotion, while raising money for a great cause. We think this is an excellent idea, which makes it easy for companies, even with small budgets to help a charity and benefit from it themselves. If you want to do this, contact Paul Carr on 631 322 823 or email info@collectivecalling.org and inform him how many tickets you want before the end of October.

We would encourage all businesses to think about how you can both grow your business and help others. Charity fundraising campaigns are a brilliant way to get free PR from the media, attract people into your store, and use the strong brand of well-known charities to boost your own.

Last year Specsavers Opticas raised money for the charity FOAPS for deaf and blind people in Spain. This is a charity under the umbrella of ONCE, one of Spain’s best-known charities, which has enormous clout with the press and also via social media. As we were fundraising for the charity, we had access to their press office to distribute the press releases that we produced and they also regularly promoted the campaign online. Thanks to their support, some of the biggest media outlets in Spain promoted the Specsavers brand and we even got a slot on prime time TV with no investment.

This goes to show how beneficial it can be for a business and thanks to the campaign Specsavers’ clients raise over €6,000 for FOAPS, as well as awareness of the charity and the great work they do. This money will fund more than 400 hours of interpreting for deaf and blind people in Spain and help this charity continue their vital work. So as you can see, it really is a win-win!

We hope this inspires you to incorporate charity work into your business structure and that you will get behind Marbella with Love by taking colleagues or clients along to the event and becoming an official business sponsor.

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