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Permaculture Design Course Marbella October

Permaculture Design Course Marbella October

Lovers of gardening, growing your own and looking after the planet will be delighted to know that the environmental charity Arboretum Marbella are running another fantastic Permaculture Design Course or PDC from the 8th to the 20th of October. This course features some amazing teachers who are experts in their fields and are travelling from the UK and Europe to deliver a world-class course. This is an intensive course which is certified by the British Permaculture Association and can help you to create permaculture designs for your home, your business or to develop a new career based around the green economy.

Permaculture is a way to grow things and design things in a way which mimics nature as much as possible and reduces waste and resource use to a minimum. It’s a very useful system which can be applied to anything from an organic vegetable garden to the planning of a whole town. In the book Introduction to Permaculture, the creator of permaculture Bill Mollison writes:

“The aim is to create systems that are ecologically-sound and economically viable, which provide for their own needs, do not exploit or pollute, and are therefore sustainable in the long term.”

“Permaculture uses the inherent qualities of plants and animals combined with the natural characteristics of landscapes and structures to produce a life-supporting system for city and country, using the smallest practical area.”

For those with a PDC Certificate, there’s also a new advanced course being run at Arboretum’s new plot Suerte de la Tierra in the hills above Las Chapas which will help you to develop your skills further and apply them practically to give you real insight into permaculture in action.

If you’re interested in learning something new which will enable you to make a real difference to your life and the planet then this PDC would be great for you. Check out the website for more information and book before 1st August for an early bird discount.

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