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Proud providers of quality marketing training on the Costa del Sol

Marketing training

Proud providers of quality marketing training on the Costa del Sol

Shaw Marketing Services has been offering marketing courses in Spain since 2010 and have trained business people in a wide range of sectors including, recruitment, real estate, retail, project management and art.

Here’s why we’re great at providing marketing and business training courses on the Costa del Sol!

  • We are highly trained – Our Marketing Trainer Georgina Shaw is a qualified English teacher, so understand how to communicate ideas clearly and engage a class, she is also a CIM qualified marketer so has the theory at her fingertips
  • We are experienced – Shaw Marketing Services has been running since 2008, providing marketing and PR on the Costa del Sol for a wide range of businesses
  • We have made a business succeed through the toughest years – The Spanish economy collapsed when we arrived in 2008 and it’s thrown everything at us, yet we’re still standing!
  • We understand what it’s like – We’re a small business, just like many of our clients, and so we can empathize, share our experiences and offer practical solutions to problems which we have encountered and overcome
  • We have something for everyone – We offer training from the very basics of marketing, all the way through to complex topics such as media training and giving great interviews to the press. We regularly offer talks and training to groups of small businesses, but also go into larger companies to hold in-house training and offer corporate retreats in gorgeous Marbella for overseas clients. If you can’t come and see us that’s fine – we can also train you online.
  • We love what we do – Teaching and training is our passion and Georgina loves helping others to succeed and so we inspire passion, enthusiasm and hope for the future in our trainees, making them want to come back for more.

How our marketing training has helped businesses

In 2014 we launched a series of marketing workshops for small businesses and entrepreneurs, with monthly half day sessions at Andalucia Lab. These workshops were An Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Planning and a Practical Guide to Email Marketing. Regular workshops were held in 2015 and 2016 covering lead generation, public speaking and networking and personal selling.

Georgina also trained companies in Gibraltar on media training, corporate social responsibility and understanding and embodying your brand. She is a regular speaker at events such as the Costa Women International Women’s Day Conference and networking meetings, has given many online presentations and created the A-Z of Marketing Video Series during lockdown to help businesses learn, grow and innovate during that difficult period.

In 2014 and 2015 we were asked to train the team of a real estate agency in Marbella on a monthly basis. These regular training courses improved employee loyalty and engagement and enabled the Directors to both improve the skills of their team and encourage them to tow the corporate line.

We created the following two-hour sessions specifically for them –

  • What is the brand and how can we embody it?
  • Communicating with Owners
  • Exclusive Listings and how to increase them
  • Internal Communication
  • Social Media
  • Time management and organization
  • Instagram

We then wrote up the notes and developed materials which were identified to be lacking, working with the Directors to improve any issues which were brought up. These training sessions were great ways to bring the team together, motivate them, improve morale and air any issues or problems in a safe and positive environment.

In 2022, we were asked to run a full day workshop on marketing planning with the materials recycling and circular economy experts Cyrkl in Madrid. We trained the team on the structure of a marketing plan and how to fill in each part and then worked with them to complete the plan with ideas and information, writing up the plan and providing materials and suggestions following the session. This session encouraged new ideas, discussion of perceived issues and worries and brainstorming solutions and concrete steps of how to launch this company in the UK and Spain. The clients left motivated and excited to get started and were provided with a practical and well structured document to use to guide their business forward.

What our clients say

Here are just a few comments from our lovely training clients –

“It was really interesting and has made me rethink some of the adverts and stuff we’ve been doing lately. Excellent and timely as always. I also really enjoyed the brainstorming/workshop part at the end! I’d forgotten how much fun it is to exchange ideas with a team, I was so impressed with the way you pulled all those ideas out of people.” – Emmie Cross – The Bodyworks Health Clinic

“I have recently had the opportunity to attend the Shaw Marketing Services seminars for Marketing Planning and Email Marketing. I have found both of the events to be extremely informative and allowed me to think a little outside of the box which when working for yourself can be an issue. I loved the way Georgina presented the materials with such confidence and experience. I am very excited for the next seminar as I think it’s a great company to have alongside you when trying to navigate the business world. A great team to work with” – Charlotte Way

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU for yesterday’s seminar on Marketing Planning. You are truly an inspiration and great with your delivery. You have really given me lots to get started with and I’m feeling much more motivated and hopeful.

“Thanks for yesterday’s Practical Guide to Email Marketing workshop. I now feel very excited about email marketing, something I can really get my teeth into. I’ve been talking about and I guess procrastinating about reactivating our current patient list and this is the perfect way to go about it. Great delivery from both of you” – Andrea Leon de la Orden

Find out how we can help you

Watch our A-Z of Marketing Video Series to start learning about marketing today. Or find out more about our marketing training and enquire about how we can help your team today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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