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Marketing Focus – Twitter Part 2

Twitter for BusinessThe last time I looked at the topic of Twitter was back in 2010 when I gave an overview of how to use Twitter as a marketing method for your business. Four years on, I wanted to take another look at Twitter and how things have progressed over this time, looking at the possibilities of Twitter ads and promoted accounts which allow you to generate more followers or get more exposure for a particular tweet.

Twitter themselves offer some great help and advice I suggest you start with the Twitter Help Centre which is a mine of information – https://support.twitter.com/ Then they have their own Twitter accounts such as this one https://twitter.com/TwitterUKI_SME which offers advice for small companies in the UK and runs webinars and creates glossaries which we can apply to business here in Spain. There’s also the general one out of the US which includes all the updates as well as top tips https://twitter.com/twitter

I recently did a webinar with the Twitter team in the UK to refresh my knowledge of this great marketing tool (things change so quickly so you need to keep up to speed) and they shared some really interesting facts related to doing business on Twitter – very different to sharing what you had for dinner!

Marketing Focus – It’s not just what you say…

Choosing the best style for a marketing message can be as important as the message itself. Imagine this: At a farm gate a hand lettered sign with pokerwork burnt into rough hewn wood reads: “Farm Fresh Eggs” In addition to being right for the freshness claim, the rustic...

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