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Celebrating Earth Day with Mi Moana

Celebrating Earth Day with Mi Moana

Celebrating Earth Day with Mi Moana

Environmental association Mi Moana is committed to protecting the ocean and the environment by organizing regular beach clean-ups and educating the next generation to help them to reduce their impact on the environment.  For Earth Day on the 22nd of April, Founders Natasha and Nikky Wegloop are asking people to grab a bag, put on some gloves and do a street or beach clean-up with their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

“Earth Day is a great opportunity to act and start to make longer term changes to help the planet.” Explains Natasha Wegloop. “If hundreds of people on the Costa del Sol pick up just a few pieces of litter each this Earth Day, together they will make a big difference and we will be able to see the benefit to our local area and environment. We also recommend thinking about your plastic footprint on Earth Day, educating yourself about the alternatives and taking steps to reduce the plastics you use on a day-to-day basis. Every little really does help!”

Mi Moana has been working hard this year to improve the health of the seas and the condition of the beaches along the Costa del Sol. They are continuing with their beach and underwater clean-ups and welcome volunteers to get involved. They are educating people about the importance of protecting our oceans by participating in webinars and events about the plastic problem in Spain. They are also developing an educational game for Spanish schools to improve awareness about how we can all benefit our planet. This will be launched in Marbella in June and has been made possible thanks to sponsorship from the Rotary Club Marbella and the End Plastic Soup Foundation.

Mi Moana are calling for supporters and sponsors to help distribute the educational game to all schools to come forward and increase the reach of this important project. They are also appealing to businesses to support the charity through sponsorship, to allow them to increase their activities, hold more events, inspire more people and introduce new activities. They are planning to install an underwater camera in Mijas Costa and start a new project to replant seagrass, which is rapidly disappearing and is vital for the health of our oceans.

“Mi Moana needs compassionate, caring businesses to work alongside us and help us to accomplish even more to help clean the ocean and protect our environment. Please consider what your business could do for the environment this Earth Day and become a Mi Moana corporate sponsor. Our corporate sponsors receive brand exposure at our events, in the media, on our website and social media channels and consumers choose businesses who are environmentally friendly and serious about their Corporate Social Responsibility requirements. This means that being seen to support us and having your brand associated with our cause will attract more customers, boost customer loyalty and improve your brand reputation.”

Find out more about Mi Moana on their website www.mimoana.org or on their Facebook page . To request a sponsorship pack, email playas@mimoana.com

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