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Eye health and diabetes

Eye health and diabetes

Specsavers Ópticas is backing a global campaign to highlight the risk of diabetes and its links to vision loss and other conditions.

Ahead of World Diabetes Day on 14 November, the Specsavers Ópticas stores are encouraging customers to learn if they are at risk of type two diabetes through a free online assessment by the IDF. They are also highlighting the importance of eye tests in helping to detect the condition.

Did you know? In almost all high-income countries, diabetes is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney failure, and lower limb amputation. Managing diabetes goes a long way to managing all these side effects. Diabetes management includes controlling blood pressure, blood glucose and lipid levels. This can be achieved by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and medication as required.

According to the IDF, out of the 425 million adults suffering from diabetes worldwide, one in three have diabetic retinopathy and one in 10 will develop a vision threatening form of the disease. As there are 3.5 million people with diabetes in Spain[1], 350,000 people could be at risk of losing their vision due to diabetes. However, by catching it early and managing it well, you can largely prevent vision loss from diabetes.

Throughout November, the Specsavers Ópticas stores will be answering questions about this condition and offering expert advice and Specsavers in Fuengirola is organizing an event entitled “How Diabetes Effects the Eyes” on the 12th of November.

Amrik Sappal from Specsavers Ópticas in Fuengirola explains, “Diabetic retinopathy is a condition which affects some diabetics after a number of years, depending on how well their blood sugar levels are controlled. It is important for diabetics to have their eyes tested every one to two years, because the early stages of retinopathy might not result in any symptoms, but an optometrist can detect any changes so that treatment can be given as soon as the problem arises.

To help people in Fuengirola to understand diabetes better and protect themselves and their family against developing Type 2 Diabetes, we have brought together a Doctor who specialises in diabetes, a podiatrist who is experienced in treating the feet of diabetic patients and as optometrists, we will be talking about the way diabetes effects the eye. This combination of skills, expertise and experience will give a complete picture of this disease and how it effects our bodies.” This event is free and presentations will be given in Spanish. To attend the event please reserve your place by sending an email to teresa@shawmarketingservices.com

Specsavers Ópticas are offering free eye tests and eye health information for diabetes sufferers and those at risk of developing it in store throughout November. Visit www.specsavers.es to find your nearest store and book an eye test. For more information about diabetes and eye health visit www.idf.org/eyehealth  

Visit www.worlddiabetesday.org to do the assessment.

[1] 8th Edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas

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