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How to improve your Facebook Image

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How to improve your Facebook Image

If you have your own business or you’re looking for work, you need to take a lot of care with how you present yourself both personally and professionally on social media. Today those people who are hiring you, or looking to contract your company will not only look at your CV, but also check your social media profiles and see whether you are the type of person that they want their business to be involved with. So think about whether the photos you’re posting, or the comments you’re making really put you in the right light, or restrict who can see your posts.

We’ve chosen Facebook as the target of this article because it’s the most widely used and also is probably the easiest place to share both pictures and inappropriate comments. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure that if a company looks into you for a job, or to contract your business for a project that your Facebook profile will not let you down.

What does your profile say about you?

Make sure that your profile is updated with information about your job, your education, places you’ve lived, languages you speak etc. so that when people look at it they can see your strengths. If you see anything in that profile that you’d be uncomfortable with your boss seeing then it’s best to remove it.

Check how others are seeing your profile

There is a tool in Facebook which allows you to see your profile as other people see it, both your friends and also then your public profile which people can see without becoming your friend. This is a good way to make sure your privacy settings are high enough and you can edit it to make sure your public profile is something you can be proud of.

Check the privacy settings on your photos

Take a look at the albums and photos that you’ve shared on your provide and see what your privacy settings are to make sure that people who are not your friends can’t see anything you’d rather keep private. Make sure that you’re not being tagged in images you don’t want people to see, you can always untag yourself, but you need to keep on top of it. Also have a look objectively at the photos you are sharing! It may have been a brilliant night, but do you think someone would hire you if they saw it, or would they think again?

Edit yourself online

Try to be a self-editor and think carefully before you post something, especially if it could come across as offensive, racist, sexist or ignorant. You can feel brave typing away on your computer, but if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, you’re better off not saying it at all. If you have posted something which you wished you hadn’t then just delete it. This is a very public place and it’s easy to damage your professional reputation in these “private” channels.

We hope this article has made you think about what you put on social media, and that your personal profiles won’t let you down professionally. If you have a business page for your social media this is different again and we will be sharing tips about this in our next post, so come back soon.

We help businesses to do social media right by setting up and managing their accounts for them, so if you’re concerned that your social media is letting you down as part of your online marketing strategy, get in touch!


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