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Just one thing to remember to be an excellent public speaker

Just one thing to remember to be an excellent public speaker

Speech Costa WomenLast week, I was invited to be the MC at the Costa Women and 12 30 The Women’s Company International Women’s Day event and was honoured to be able to present all the speakers, introduce the day, share information and pull everything together for nearly 100 delegates – great fun!

During and after the event I had a lot of people praise me for my confidence and style and ask me for tips about public speaking. Of course there are lots of techniques for public speaking regarding your delivery, projection, use of PowerPoint and so much more, but for me there’s really just one crucial fact that makes the difference between success and failure in public speaking – confidence!

The way you can feel as confident as I do on stage is to remember – It’s Only Talking!!

I think people get too worried, too hyped up about standing up there and giving a presentation because they think they will make a mistake and they think it’s really difficult. The more you worry, the worse it gets. But if you can talk, you can talk in public!

Do you get nervous ringing a client, or having a meeting, or chatting with your friends over a glass of wine? Of course you don’t, because we can all talk very well and we do it for many hours every day. If we are experts in our field, we give useful and interesting information to our clients all the time, without breaking a sweat. There is no difference between doing this to one person, or speaking to a room of 1,000! All you are doing is talking and we can all do that, so don’t over think it.

If you can accept this fact, then the nerves will vanish and your style will become comfortable and natural. Then you just need to prepare your material well and slow down your delivery and you will do a fantastic job!

To learn more about public speaking, register your interest for our public speaking training on the Costa del Sol by emailing info@shawmarketingservices.com and I will send you a free guide – Top Tips to Make Public Speaking Easy.

We will be holding a Public Speaking Masterclass in Marbella on 5th May, so you can learn the key tips, practice them in a safe environment and get feedback from me on how you can improve. Together, we’ll make your next presentation a walk in the park and open up more business opportunities for you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Thanks for the advice,

    I am hoping to talk to the ‘1,000’ people at a conference later this year and have joined a local Speakers Club to refine my craft. Its not so much nerves with me, more the practical stuff like structure, tone, gestures etc. that I need to improve.


    March 15, 2015at14:22

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