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Public Speaking Tips – Free Infographic

Public Speaking Tips – Free Infographic

Public Speaking InfographicDon’t be like 75% of people and have a fear of public speaking!

As I shared in a previous post, if you can speak to someone then you can speak in public, but fear paralyses people and makes them commit so many errors that they fall apart.

Whenever I network, I can see so much fear when people are asked to stand up and introduce their business, even in a supportive environment on a topic they know like the back of their hand. I believe this holds people back in much more than just networking situations and being a good public speaker can propel people forward in their business and their career.

To support people with this common area of weakness I am preparing a 3 hour Public Speaking Masterclass on May 5th in Marbella. We will offer tips for short speeches such as business introductions at networking meetings, best practices in general for public speaking and then focus on corporate presentations and how to make them engaging, informative and positive for your business. We will then workshop together to create a number of short speeches for your company, practice them and get constructive feedback and encouragement to give confidence, as well as tips and practice for great speeches. The price of this 3 hour masterclass is 75€, please RSVP to training@shawmarketingservices.com to confirm your attendance.

Prior to the course, I have prepared this quick to digest and informative infographic about Public Speaking. I hope this helps you to start understanding the fundamentals of public speaking and improve your presentations. Please join us on our public speaking masterclass in Marbella on 5th May.

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