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Twitter for SME Marketing

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Twitter for SME Marketing

We have long believed in the power of Twitter to drive traffic to your website, blog or events and the more we use it for business the better we think it is.

We were initially sceptical about how something so restrictive which only let you use 140 characters could be good for business, but when our Twitter account started attracting fans and driving a decent amount of traffic to our blog posts, Facebook events and main website we started to take notice and focus more effort onto Twitter and our followers grew massively.

If you get to grips with hashtags it really gets interesting, as you will see likes, follows and shares increase dramatically. Hashtags are simply a way to highlight a word like a search term, so that people can find your Tweet easily on their topic of choice. As more Twitter accounts are automated, they are set to look for certain terms and then like Tweets or follow posts with that hashtag in it, which gets you a lot bigger reach. We now have 2,555 followers and get more every day and so it’s worth the effort to post once or more a day. Check out Shaw Marketing on Twitter

It can be hard to think of content for daily posts, but with a well thought out posting plan and good hashtags you will be surprised how much there is to write about. Find websites with your industry news, events and activities in your area for great sources of inspiration, then make sure you do a Tweet for every page in your website and blog that you’ve rewritten. Good Tweets can be reused without fear, as it’s a fast moving medium. Just remember your hashtags and leave space for them within your character limit, as they really make a Tweet work better.

There’s great news from Twitter if you struggle to fit your Tweets into the 140 characters required – they are extending the word count by allowing you to @reply people without that counting towards your limit. Pictures, videos, polls and other attachments which are uploaded directly through Twitter, also don’t count anymore, so you will have more characters to play with for your message and hashtags. Find out more

If you have good content on your website such as blog posts, guides and information you should give Twitter a go, rather than simply relying on Google to drive people to your content. People are information hungry and happy to retweet, like and follow you on Twitter, so it really is a great platform for driving traffic and one which we believe is easy to manage.

If you’re new to Twitter check out our introduction to using Twitter for business here which has all the key info about Twitter and our recommendations for how to use it effectively. Alternatively, if you want to use Twitter for your business but don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination let us take care of it all for you! As part of our online marketing for businesses on the Costa del Sol, we can manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more and leave you to focus on what you do best. Contact us today if you’re interested in finding out more.

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