The Vestige Verdant Luxury Organic Skincare Range

The Vestige Verdant Luxury Organic Skincare Range | La colección de cosmética natural de Vestige Verdant

The Vestige Verdant Luxury Organic Skincare Range

I was delighted to be asked to try out the collection of three beautiful organic skincare products by award winning brand Vestige Verdant and wanted to share my experiences. I’m no beauty blogger, but here goes…

When I first received my little bag of goodies, I loved the classy bag, white and black boxes and shiny black bottles, and they look wonderful on the bathroom shelf. These are definitely luxury products and really look the part.

I am not normally someone who takes time over my skincare, but these products came at the perfect time for me, as now that I am fast approaching the big 40, I was starting to notice some wrinkles, while also still getting spots and I was looking for a solution.

There are three products in the range –

  • A detoxifying face mask made with organic peat which cleanses your skin, improves skin texture, boosts circulation, helps with sensitive skin and acne
  • A rare oil blend which intensely moisturises your skin and is up to 80% more moisturising than most face creams
  • An ultra-fast absorbing lightweight eye serum which has been proven to reduce wrinkles up to 45% in 2 months, as well as reducing puffiness and dark circles

The team advised me to start using the products with an intensive skin detox, by using the mask every other day before bed, and using the oil blend and eye serum twice a day, for 10 days. This gives the skin an intense cleanse and detox of harmful heavy metals and gives the best results. I am nearly at the end of this period and must say that I am delighted with the results and really enjoying using the products. It is nice to take the time for a bit of pampering, and using the face mask regularly gives me a bit of “me time” which I’m really enjoying.

Here’s my low down on how I’ve found using this organic skincare range over the last two weeks –

Organic Peat Mask

I am a fan of face masks, but haven’t been using them for a while, and you can really feel this one working. I was grateful to receive advice about using it at the end of the day, before an evening shower and only leaving it on for three minutes, as it works really fast and dries quickly. It is a very strong black colour, which looks funny, but once you get over the way it looks, it feels nice and leaves my skin feeling tight, looking fresh and most importantly for me, has cleared up my spots – I haven’t had one since I started using it!

It is very good advice to use it before a shower and wash it off there, as the colour is so strong that it looks a little alarming in a white sink! You can use a sponge to gently remove it, but for me it’s easiest in the shower.

Rare Oil Blend

My favourite product of them all, and the one which surprised me, is the face oil. I have never used an oil before and was concerned it would be greasy, but it is lovely and absorbs really quickly. It is made from a blend of organic Neroli Oil, Patchouli Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Sea-Buckthorn Oil and Argan Oil and I love the fragrance of the essential oils. It has a roller, so you don’t apply too much, and I really like how it makes my skin feel, intensely moisturising and leaving it really soft and smooth. Because I have dry skin, I am using it twice a day, but for more oily skins, you might just want to use it as a night product, so it has time to work and absorb. The oil worked wonders on my chapped lips and really soothes my skin, I love it!

Infinity Eye Serum

Finally I am also using the eye serum and it feels really nice and cool on your eyes when you apply it, instantly absorbing into the delicate skin around the eyes. It is very light and fresh, I haven’t seen much of a reduction in wrinkles so far, but I love the idea of being able to reduce my wrinkles by 45% in 2 months, so I will definitely persevere with it.

It is great to use organic, chemical free skin care products, which really care for your skin and combine nature and science for great effects; I will definitely continue to use these products! We are offering samples to influencers, beauty bloggers and beauty media in Spain, so if you are interested in trialling the product and are in Spain then please contact us to be considered.

You can now buy them online in Spain and get free delivery via their website and there’s a special Christmas discount of 20% for all products bought between now and the 7th of January next year.

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