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What is Public Relations and why does it matter?

What is Public Relations and why does it matter?

What is Public Relations and why does it matter?

Public Relations professionals are highly skilled and prepared to handle your company’s reputation and improve it through any means we can. Many people don’t really understand this term, with people thinking of promotional girls for night clubs, or someone like Max Clifford controlling the press. In reality Public Relations or PR is a really important part of the marketing mix which can generate publicity very cost-effectively and improve the way the world views your company.

What is do PR people do exactly?

Us PR people are all about relating in an effective way with all the different publics that your business has – hence the name! By publics we means customers, community, press, influencers and employees. We try to understand the essence of your company and how your business can connect with other businesses, organizations, community groups and more to transmit the right message and create the right image of your company.

A good PR person is a great communicator who can form strong and positive relationships between your company and the general public and firefights any negative stories or messages out there. We create stories and activities which will connect with each type of public in the right way and we communicate these stories in many different ways.

But don’t just think about your external publics, we also must remember your internal publics, by which we mean employees, shareholders and partners. You employees are an embodiment of your brand. If they are happy, well looked after and given the right information you can convert them into brand ambassadors who will tell the world how great your company is for free! This is a great marketing strategy which is neglected by most businesses.

Remember to create a marketing plan which includes public relations as a key part of your marketing mix. Public Relations is best used in combination with controlled marketing such as online marketing, flyer drops and advertising, as it significantly increases the power of any paid marketing and also gets you more bang for your buck.

We have been working as public relations specialists in the Costa del Sol and the UK for over a decade, generating amazing results for our clients by combining PR with other effective marketing methods. If you’re still unsure about the power of PR, or how you could apply it for your company please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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