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Your Emotional Belly Cure Book Launch

Daria Sanetra - Your Emotional Belly Cure

Your Emotional Belly Cure Book Launch

On Friday 9th of July, author, plant-based chef, health and weight loss coach Daria Sanetra will be at The Bookshop in San Pedro to launch her new book “Your Emotional Belly Cure” between 12 and 4pm. During the event, Daria will be signing copies of her new book and answering your questions about raw, plant-based food and lifestyle, weight loss and self-esteem. Readers can pop in throughout the day to meet the author and ask questions, or book a free 15-minute consultation for personalised guidance on health and weight loss. She will also be giving away raw snack boxes to the first 30 people to purchase a copy of the book.

Your Emotional Belly Cure is an in-depth guide designed for the countless women worldwide who struggle with weight and/or self-love. This book holds vital knowledge and explanations into an extraordinary lifestyle proven to boost overall wellness, energy, and joy. In this book Daria is setting out to share the methods that helped her and hundreds of her clients to let go of the discomfort, stress, or pain caused by body issues while shedding those extra, stubborn pounds – adopting a new empowered identity, and feeling and looking great.

It is designed for people who are feeling emotionally stuck, dissatisfied and upset by their bodies and particularly their stomachs and want something easy to follow to start making a change. Your Emotional Belly Cure combines Daria’s expertise as a holistic plant-based nutritionist, detox, and cellular regeneration specialist, as well as knowledge in weight loss and emotional eating and uncovers individualised reasons for holding onto weight. From how emotions contributed to storing fat and toxins to becoming your own best friend, readers will be introduced and guided in a variety of topics including; weight-loss, self-love, detox, raw food, nutrition and weight loss tips. It also has more than 100 delicious recipes which are easy to make and delicious to eat and promise to change your body and your life.

Author Daria Sanetra explains, “I wrote this book for you…and for everyone who has ever asked what I really eat on a daily basis and how I shop for food. Your Emotional Belly Cure outlines it all, step-by-step, with beautiful photography.

Your Emotional Belly Cure gathers together my favourite recipes, the things that I make for my own family every single week — and that they love — all in one place. It’s a way for you to eat healthfully, close to the earth, with the best ingredients that you choose, so when you sit down to enjoy a delicious meal you know what you are eating and you haven’t spent all day in the kitchen!”

Visit The Bookshop at Centro Comercial La Colonia, Local 21 in San Pedro between 12.00 and 16.00 on Friday 9th of July to get your signed copy of Your Emotional Belly Cure and meet the author. The first 30 people to buy the book will receive a delicious ‘raw snack box’ including Daria’s go-to raw vegan snacks in eco-friendly boxes from Eco Passion Spain. If you want to book a 15-minute session to get your individual questions answered by Daria about plant-based food and lifestyle during the event, please email daria@dariasanetra.com

To find The Bookshop visit www.thebookshop.es or find them on Facebook . Find out more about Daria Sanetra and buy the e-book of Your Emotional Belly Cure and her other books at www.dariasanetra.com

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