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Happy 10th Birthday Shaw Marketing Services!!

Happy 10th Birthday Shaw Marketing Services

Happy 10th Birthday Shaw Marketing Services!!

10 years ago this month Shaw Marketing Services was born. So much has happened since then! We’ve had over 100 clients, some amazing events, met wonderful people and learned about so many different businesses. It has been so fulfilling to survive the years of the recession, be so busy in 2018 and help so many people along the way. We are very lucky to do something we love and be able to keep doing it for so many years.

To mark our anniversary we’re going to be producing a bunch of new articles. We’ll be doing 10 articles over the next 10 weeks, which will all feature the number 10. Look out for lots of great tips and marketing insights, as well as stories from the last 10 years of Shaw Marketing Services history.

We’ll start with 10 things we’re grateful for and proud of on this milestone birthday –

  1. We survived the crisis when so many didn’t. All those of us who are still here know how tough it was, and it’s brilliant to be able to enjoy the new found confidence in 2018.
  2. We’re busier than ever, welcoming five new clients since January, a new business record.
  3. Our family business is growing to include new members of the Shaw Marketing Services family. Teresa Floro is supporting us with the Spanish media, social media and editing texts in Spanish. Katarina Lindevall is doing an excellent job producing high quality design materials for our clients. We also have Oihana Cabrera creating websites for our clients. Everyone works so hard alongside Georgina and Andy to give the best possible service and even little Lucas helps setting up events.
  4. We’ve broadened our services over the years to be a truly full service agency including online and offline marketing, social media, design, consultation and training.
  5. We have such great support from friends and businesses on the Costa del Sol, recommending us, collaborating with us and sharing our stories. Huge thanks to the media, associations such as Costa Women, Luks Marbella and everyone who has recommended us over the years – you’re all fab!
  6. We are making great progress with the Spanish market. Since Teresa has been working with us, we’ve been taking the time to become truly a bilingual agency, offering high quality PR, copy and social media in English and Spanish. We understand that this takes a lot more than simply translation and are very pleased with how far we’ve come.
  7. Thanks to a big influx of new clients at the beginning of the year, February was a record-breaking month for us. It’s been a great start to our anniversary year.
  8. We love our clients! We are so lucky to have built up a great client list of people who we’ve been working with for years, as well as new businesses who we work really well with. This makes our job so much easier and more fun.
  9. We have grown so much in skills, contacts and experience and can give clients an even better service. 10 years is a long time in business and our ability to serve our clients has grown so much and continues to do so.
  10. We are stretching our area of influence, with clients from Gibraltar to Malaga on the Costa del Sol, in Mallorca and on the Costa Blanca. We work with media from all over the world and continue our strong ties with the UK. This enables us to help more businesses and reach more potential clients.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us to survive and thrive over the last 10 years. We hope you all enjoy our articles over the next ten weeks.

If there are any topics you’d like to be covered, or questions you have we’d be happy to answer them, so post in the comment box here and we’ll write something just for you!

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