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Our 5 favourite marketing methods for hotels

Our 5 favourite marketing methods for hotels

Our 5 favourite marketing methods for hotels

We’ve been marketing hotels and restaurants for many years to help improve their communication and achieve powerful PR. By combining a number of promotional methods, and focusing on the objectives of each establishment, we have achieved some amazing results for hotels including Marbella Club and Kempinski Estepona.

As COVID has caused hotels huge problems this year, good marketing is more important than ever. These are our five favourite marketing methods for hotels to use. We hope they inspire you and help you think about the best way to market your hotel and stay afloat in these difficult times.

Event Marketing

A great way to attract local clients to use your restaurants, bars, gym and spa is to organize interesting events. When planning your events, think about what will most appeal to your target demographic to maximise the return over the long term. Also ensure it is also in line with your brand’s mission and values. Once you’ve developed your concept and set a date, promote heavily online and offline. Don’t forget to use your database, website and invite associations and groups to join the fun. Then make sure you capture the contact details of everyone at the event, for future marketing opportunities.

Social Media

Posting regularly on social media channels with high quality content gives people an opportunity to see all the ways they can enjoy your hotel. Make sure you have a range of posts showing everything from the pool and gardens to the gastronomy and events. Used in the right way it can encourage higher spend from hotel guests and attract local residents to the hotel to bring in another revenue stream. Facebook and Instagram are the most important platforms for customers, Twitter works well for media relations and LinkedIn is great for corporate outreach and MICE promotions. TripAdvisor and Google Business is also very important, as travellers will check reviews and compare you against your competitors online. Make sure you respond to reviews, keep your pages updated and check that your profile is reflecting your hotel correctly. Think about what languages you should post in, what are your main selling points and how to get the maximum reach possible. Don’t just sell via social media, interact with your local area, start conversations and engage your followers in your brand experience.

Public Relations

Press releases, articles and press visits are excellent ways to reach local, national and international media and gain visibility and brand recognition. It’s important to choose your target press carefully, look after them well and follow up to ensure maximum coverage. Inviting media or influencers that reaches your target demographic to visit your hotel and write about their experience is a great way to get exposure. Travel media are currently interested on comments from hospitality professionals on what the impact of COVID is on the sector and how the industry is innovating and adapting to this situation. Offering comment and expert opinion to journalists while they are unable to travel is a good way to ensure visibility. Follow the hashtag #journorequest on Twitter to keep up with requests and submit comments. Find out how we helped the Kempinski Estepona with PR here.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are everywhere and can be very powerful if they are correctly aligned with your brand and you are clear with setting expectations of what you expect in return for any freebies. There are very big travel influencers, who dominate particular demographics and are great for niche marketing. Beauty and wellness influencers are also great for spas and fitness centres. Make sure you check out their channels and check the quality of the content and the level of interaction before reaching out. Liking and commenting on posts before contacting them can also help with the pitch. Find out how to harness the power of influencer marketing


To keep a consistent brand presence, and maintain visibility you need to advertise. Local press advertising works well for restaurants, bars and events, outdoor advertising helps people find you and attracts visitors and residents to your F&B offering. Online advertising and advertising in specific travel media can also be a great way to increase enquiries. Advertising supports any PR activity and ensures you are front of mind when people plan their trip. Define your target market clearly to make this work for you and give you a good return on your investment.

Since 2007, we have been working with hotels and restaurants to improve their communication and achieve powerful PR in the local, national and international media. We are available to help small, medium and large hotels to promote themselves effectively. Download our hotel promotion brochure to find out more, or contact us to arrange a meeting. We’re happy to offer a free 30 minute brainstorming session for any hospitality business struggling at the moment and in need of inspiration and direction. We know these are very difficult time and are here to help, please contact us to arrange your consultation.

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