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How to use LinkedIn correctly for B2B marketing

Georgina was recently interviewed on Marbella Now with Nicole King and they spoke about the potential of online marketing, particularly social media for small businesses. Nicole admitted that although she had a LinkedIn account, she rarely did anything with it, and she is not alone!...

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Marketing Focus – Getting to Grips with Social Media

There are a plethora of social media tools which are increasing all the time. The essence of using social media well, is providing free and interesting information which readers want to engage with, drawing readers into your online world and allowing them to make a connection with your company.

The fastest growth demographic among social media users is the mid thirties age group – a prime target audience for businesses. Here are the main Social Media tools which should be used to gain maximum online exposure –

CostaWomen Twitterview with Shaw Marketing Services

On Wednesday Ali Meehan @costawomen interviewed me about Shaw Marketing Services via Twitter. It was tricky thinking of answers which made sense in just 140 characters, but hopefully people found it interesting. My only criticism with the format of cutting up all the questions and...

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Costa Women Twitterview 17/08 @ 11.00

Ali Meehan @costawomen will be interviewing me via Twitter on Wednesday to find out more about Shaw Marketing Services, so please "tune in" by following me @Shaw_Marketing and/or @costawomen. The hashtag to look out for is #IMACW. I'm excited but a little nervous I have to...

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Learn more about Social Media Marketing

We listened to a great webinar from email marketing providers Constant Contact last month all about Social media marketing. This is a new and exciting area and is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. It's great to be able to listen to social...

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