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What’s working in your marketing & can you be proud of it?

What’s working in your marketing & can you be proud of it?

advertising doesn't workGive yourself a marketing audit to review what you’ve been doing, the materials you have, what is working and what is not.

Start by reviewing your marketing plan (if you don’t have one – do it) and see if anything needs adjusting. Have things changed, are you still working to the same objectives?

Create an updated plan with clear, timed actions and budgets to ensure you are focused and clear with what you want to achieve and how you can best do it.

Here are some other things to consider during your marketing audit –

How is your website working for you? – Does it communicate everything it needs to and is the content relevant to your target market? Is it interactive and does it encourage people to leave their name and contact details? Is the brand inline with your offline identity and does the navigation help your visitors easily get around? Check the site is good, all the links work and there are no mistakes, update anything old and ask for advice if you’re not sure.

Can you be proud of your promotional materials – Check the full range of your marketing materials, look at them side by side and make sure the message, brand and look and feel is consistent. Ensure that your social media presence fits with your other promotional materials and that you can be confident that they are representing the brand correctly. Remember there is a big difference between social media for business and social media for fun!

What is working? – Evaluate what you have been doing, what has been working, where the best results are coming from and any areas which are not delivering the results you need or the ROI you expect. Only by really evaluating and monitoring can you put the right resources into the correct areas, stop spending on areas which are not achieving the results you want and make sure everything is working correctly. Remember that there are some areas which are less easy to allocate value to, such as PR and social media, but which are highly beneficial in terms of brand, position and profile, so evaluate on a number of parameters, not simply sales, to ensure a good mix.

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