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Commit to marketing thinking and knowledge throughout your company

Commit to marketing thinking and knowledge throughout your company

Marketing_PlanningWhat do you think of when you think of marketing? Advertising, promotion, selling..? it’s so much more than that! Marketing is effective communication which is highly useful for everyone both professionally and personally (we sell ourselves all the time), but it’s also a way of thinking which is enlightening for all professional people.

Marketing thinking is guided by knowledge of consumer behaviour as buyers, consumers of the media and influencers. Understanding the way people think, buy and respond to products will shape the way entrepreneurs set up businesses, develop products and pricing strategies which will make more money and become more successful.

Even if an employee is not involved in the sales or marketing function then thinking about the product or service in terms of the customer experience, or how the product is being sold can significantly influence the way that they think and behave. Understanding what customers want and need and how that relates to your product or service and your company can make team members more invested in pleasing the customer. Putting customers at the centre of the activity and making your employees understand the importance of keeping them happy can improve customer service, improve the quality of products, the response to customer complaints and much more.

Training in marketing can unlock truths about your customers, products or services. As part of this training, employees in different parts of the company can share their insights and experiences and how their role can impact on the customer, or the profitability and productivity of the business. Together the different parts of the puzzle can become clear and the disparate parties can pull together on an effective solution, or understand the blocks to a particular goal.

This training can be highly effective in terms of team building and allowing everyone (rather than just top management) to see the bigger picture and understand what is needed at all levels to reach a goal. However, it can be difficult to bring together different team members as part of a working day as hours and demands on time can vary. This is why a corporate retreat which involves marketing training, professional development in vital skills such as public speaking, and team building activities outside of a familiar environment can be really helpful, as well as a great way to reward hard working employees.

Shaw Marketing Services runs corporate marketing training and team building retreats in Marbella, Spain. These courses can be tailored to suit any company and can be run over two days or longer, including hotel accommodation, marketing training, coaching, team building and leisure activities – whatever your team needs to grow, learn and be more productive. Please email training@shawmarketingservices.com listing your requirements and we can supply a quote.

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