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What is a SWOT analysis and how to do it?

What is a SWOT analysis and how to do it?

A vital part of the marketing planning process is performing a SWOT analysis of your company, product or service. Without a complete SWOT analysis, you will find it difficult to develop a marketing strategy. Performing a SWOT analysis is also helpful as part of a...

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Positioning in Action – Costa Women

As we’re looking at positioning this month, ahead of the International Women’s Day Conference organized by Costa Women and the 1230 Women’s Company, we thought it was only fitting to use Costa Women as our case study for great positioning in action. Created by Ali Meehan in 2010,...

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New business training events for 2020

A new series of free business training and networking events entitled “We Cowork Talks” is starting for 2020, with a presentation on branding by marketing expert Georgina Shaw. These events were very popular when they launched last year, and the coworking centre is looking forward to supporting more businesses...

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Taking a Break from Training

We launched our marketing training courses in Marbella back in October 2014 and have run regular courses on the topics of Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Planning, Email Marketing, Launching a Business on the Costa del Sol, a New Year Marketing Masterclass and Public Speaking Training. These training...

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Commit to marketing thinking and knowledge throughout your company

Marketing_PlanningWhat do you think of when you think of marketing? Advertising, promotion, selling..? it’s so much more than that! Marketing is effective communication which is highly useful for everyone both professionally and personally (we sell ourselves all the time), but it’s also a way of thinking which is enlightening for all professional people.

Marketing thinking is guided by knowledge of consumer behaviour as buyers, consumers of the media and influencers. Understanding the way people think, buy and respond to products will shape the way entrepreneurs set up businesses, develop products and pricing strategies which will make more money and become more successful.

Even if an employee is not involved in the sales or marketing function then thinking about the product or service in terms of the customer experience, or how the product is being sold can significantly influence the way that they think and behave. Understanding what customers want and need and how that relates to your product or service and your company can make team members more invested in pleasing the customer. Putting customers at the centre of the activity and making your employees understand the importance of keeping them happy can improve customer service, improve the quality of products, the response to customer complaints and much more.

Marketing training courses 2015

marketing_trainingFollowing three highly successful marketing workshops held at Andalucia Lab in October, November and December last year, we are delighted to announce the next three dates and topics which will be covered in 2015 to inform, educate, inspire and equip attendees with practical skills for them to market their businesses effectively. These will once again be held at Andalucia Lab in El Rosario.

January 22 – New Year Marketing Masterclass and networking

This masterclass will give attendees practical advice for starting off the year with the right marketing and communication strategy to maximise success. There will also be advice on how to capitalise on the improving market on the Costa del Sol and how to overcome roadblocks all small businesses face. The one hour session will leave attendees feeling inspired and ready to get going and there will be an opportunity to network, brainstorm and share ideas over a coffee immediately after the course. There are still a few places available for Thursday’s course, please email info@shawmarketingservices.com as soon as possible to reserve your place

February 12 – Data Protection in the 21st C Foundations

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year from all the team at Shaw Marketing Services. Let's hope that this year is a great one for us all! After a few weeks away we are back rested and excited about the year ahead...

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How to survive in business before, during and after a crisis

presentation coverIn 2014 I gave a speech at the Costa Women International Women’s Networking event. Based on this presentation, here are my tips for protecting yourself and your business during hard times and how to take full advantage when things pick up as I believe they now are.

Reducing Risk & Capitalizing on Your Skills

  • Seek free professional advice – CADE, Andalucia Lab and others are there to help
  • Research, research, research – make sure you know your stuff before you commit yourself to a decision
  • Build a network – online and offline, this is a very low cost and direct form of marketing
  • Think about what you can do yourselves to reduce costs – make the most of the skills you have
  • Learn – There are many tools out there to allow you to do things yourselves and you can learn to do a lot more than you think when you have the time early on
  • Be clever with where you put your money – investment is required but can be minimized and managed
  • Trade – Can you exchange skills with another business?
  • Profile build and have a strong presence online with social media, blogging and offline with PR such as articles and events
  • Help others – Support other businesses and be generous with your time and they will help you, consider supporting a charity or community organization to generate PR and goodwill

Plan & Grow

Introduction to Marketing Webinar

Here is a great free resource giving an introduction to the different forms of marketing and techniques and tips for making them work for you. It is suitable for marketing beginners looking to start to promote an existing business, or those wanting to enter into...

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