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Marketing Focus – It’s not just what you say…

Marketing Focus – It’s not just what you say…

Choosing the best style for a marketing message can be as important as the message itself.

Imagine this:

At a farm gate a hand lettered sign with pokerwork burnt into rough hewn wood reads: “Farm Fresh Eggs”

In addition to being right for the freshness claim, the rustic signage also feeds premium quality expectations that the eggs will be free range and organic. Without adding words to this deceptively simple sign, the execution of the message creates very positive associations which will attract buyers strongly.

Now imagine the same rough sign reading: “Flying Lessons”

Would you dare take flying lessons from a company that advertised such a high tech service in such a rustic low tech way?

This simple example shows that selling points implied via tone and style are often more readily embraced than overt claims; particularly true in crowded markets where consumers are exposed to many competing sales messages and wonder which to believe.

If you get the style wrong, even the best selling copy will struggle to achieve credibility.

Shaw Marketing Services are experts in Marbella Marketing and can help you develop the right message and portray it correctly in terms of images, tone and style. We can apply this to developing your brand, creating powerful advertising and signage and much more. For more information, please take a look around our website, email info@shawmarketingservices.com or call 0034 952 903 154.

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