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Marketing Focus – Writing well online

Copywriting for the Web

Marketing Focus – Writing well online

Writing is a difficult discipline which many businesses try and fail to do well. Just because you are writing emails every day does not mean that you can write press releases, articles, websites or advertising.

Badly written text which doesn’t make sense or has spelling mistakes all over it is never going to make people buy something from you and lets your company down! So please commit to producing high quality copy for your business, either by working hard to improve your skills, or employing a professional copywriter. 

Here are some tips for writing well for your business. 

Strike the right tone

The key to great copy is that it strikes the right tone with your target consumers and makes them feel like you’re just like them, or that you understand their needs and are well placed to help.

It is clear, compelling and makes people want to keep reading. It makes people want to take action and calls out to a need or connects with an emotion in a powerful way.

Great copy doesn’t need to be long, use big words or have any tricks, but it does need to make an impact and fulfil a function.

Know what and who you’re writing for

Tailor your style and content to the materials you’re creating and your target market.

Think what space you have available and what you want your reader to do. Your writing will be different for a billboard than a leaflet, and for a website or a Facebook post.

Before you start writing, look for some examples that you like to inspire you. Then develop a consistent tone of voice and messaging that you will always use across all written materials. 

Grab readers’ attention online 

We all scan and speed read, especially when we’re surfing online, so text needs to really grab you to keep you reading. Here are the key points to follow to make this happen:

1.  Keep it short
2. Make your last point, first and then expand so people see why they should read on
3. Keep paragraphs short
4. Use numbered lists and bullets
5. Use emphasis/bold to highlight key words and phrases
6. Use links, they draw the eye and add credibility to the piece
7. Use headings and sub-headings
8. Avoid ‘big’ words and jargon
9. Think carefully about the title – it should be provocative and intriguing, yet clear enough to give the potential reader a good idea of what the post/article will cover and short enough for social media
10. Don’t forget SEO 

Check, check and check again

If you want to keep your copywriting in house, make sure you have honest people who can proof-read your writing before it goes out, it’s amazing what other people notice that you may have missed. Make sure you don’t let your company down with confusing or badly written text with spelling mistakes by letting as many people see it as possible.

Find out more by watching our copywriting tips video. If you need any copywriting services, for either online or offline communication we have a team of excellent copywriters who specialise in press releases, articles, advertising, websites and blogs.

We can help you to produce copy you can be proud of so please just ask.  

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