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New Year Marketing Tips

Happy New Year from Shaw Marketing Services! We hope your January is going well so far and you're feeling positive about 2019. Often, January is a quiet month, and it can be a good time to take stock of the year that's gone and plan for...

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How to survive in business before, during and after a crisis

presentation coverIn 2014 I gave a speech at the Costa Women International Women’s Networking event. Based on this presentation, here are my tips for protecting yourself and your business during hard times and how to take full advantage when things pick up as I believe they now are.

Reducing Risk & Capitalizing on Your Skills

  • Seek free professional advice – CADE, Andalucia Lab and others are there to help
  • Research, research, research – make sure you know your stuff before you commit yourself to a decision
  • Build a network – online and offline, this is a very low cost and direct form of marketing
  • Think about what you can do yourselves to reduce costs – make the most of the skills you have
  • Learn – There are many tools out there to allow you to do things yourselves and you can learn to do a lot more than you think when you have the time early on
  • Be clever with where you put your money – investment is required but can be minimized and managed
  • Trade – Can you exchange skills with another business?
  • Profile build and have a strong presence online with social media, blogging and offline with PR such as articles and events
  • Help others – Support other businesses and be generous with your time and they will help you, consider supporting a charity or community organization to generate PR and goodwill

Plan & Grow