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Marketing Focus – Effective promotion techniques

Marketing Focus – Effective promotion techniques

Everyone has heard of the saying “don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry”, this is simply because we are known to buy more when we’re peckish, and are more open to trying things we might not have before. Wouldn’t life be easy if all your customers were hungry for your product? Of course this is never the case and sometimes it can feel like the majority of your target customers are “full” by the time you get to them.

Research shows, we need to see an advertisement at least seven times before we really acknowledge or act upon it… This can end up being costly as you can imagine, so it’s important not to waste your resources in the wrong place, or at the wrong time. So how can you make sure you are hitting your target audience more often than not, and how can you make potential customers hungrier for your product?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Costa del Sol Advertising – You must of course be in the right place at the right time, have consistent key messages, and a strong brand. Just because a customer is not hungry for your product right now doesn’t mean they won’t be. Your chances are far higher if you are consistent with your advertising and brand. Do your research into who you advertise with, make sure it’s the best place to spend your money, and keep results of how much business and interest comes from each advertisement. A surprising amount of companies will place the same weekly ad in the same place out of routine, but never actually receive any business from them. In fact too much wrong advertising can actually ‘cheapen’ the brand image so beware.
  • Cost – Typical advertising in places like yellow pages, newspapers and magazines can work out pretty expensive, especially if a potential customer needs to see it quite a few times before taking any action. Some people believe all publicity is good publicity, but that is not always true, and sometimes resources are wasted on the wrong people. The cost of advertising varies widely, but the important thing is to gather the results from these efforts so you can change things quickly if things aren’t working. Chances are if you have been placing an ad in the yellow pages for a few months and not had any business from there, it’s unlikely you will generate much more and could be spending the budget in a better suited publication. A good marketing and PR agency will make sure you are only spending money in the right places, and may even be able to get you some form of advertising for free – we will move onto that next!
  • Costa del Sol PR – Keep your business in the public eye. Having good relationships with the press is vital for the image you want of your business. If you feel confident doing the PR yourself, it can be a very cost effective method of promoting your business. However, established PR agencies already have a database of media who they will have already formed good relationships with. The benefit of this is that you are much more likely to receive good coverage in the magazines, newspapers and radio without paying for advertising. This would usually be in the form of a press release, article or interview. Good PR agencies will also take care of writing eye catching, professionally written press releases which the media will want to share with their readers etc.

So with your budget, advertising, and PR sorted you are now in a great position to promote yourself to your target audience, be noticed, and be remembered. With the right advertisements and PR, you can literally create hunger for your product or service. Your resources will have been used wisely, and you will be able to track where your success is coming from.

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