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Marketing Training Costa del Sol

Taking a Break from Training

We launched our marketing training courses in Marbella back in October 2014 and have run regular courses on the topics of Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Planning, Email Marketing, Launching a Business on the Costa del Sol, a New Year Marketing Masterclass and Public Speaking Training. These training...

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Commit to marketing thinking and knowledge throughout your company

Marketing_PlanningWhat do you think of when you think of marketing? Advertising, promotion, selling..? it’s so much more than that! Marketing is effective communication which is highly useful for everyone both professionally and personally (we sell ourselves all the time), but it’s also a way of thinking which is enlightening for all professional people.

Marketing thinking is guided by knowledge of consumer behaviour as buyers, consumers of the media and influencers. Understanding the way people think, buy and respond to products will shape the way entrepreneurs set up businesses, develop products and pricing strategies which will make more money and become more successful.

Even if an employee is not involved in the sales or marketing function then thinking about the product or service in terms of the customer experience, or how the product is being sold can significantly influence the way that they think and behave. Understanding what customers want and need and how that relates to your product or service and your company can make team members more invested in pleasing the customer. Putting customers at the centre of the activity and making your employees understand the importance of keeping them happy can improve customer service, improve the quality of products, the response to customer complaints and much more.

Public Speaking Tips – Free Infographic

Don't be like 75% of people and have a fear of public speaking! As I shared in a previous post, if you can speak to someone then you can speak in public, but fear paralyses people and makes them commit so many errors that they fall...

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Professional growth for success

marketing_trainingContinuous professional development is vital to improving your chances of a successful career, as it enriches your knowledge, widens your understanding of your own area of expertise and how it relates to other departments and functions. It also motivates you, as it gives you new ideas and new ways of tackling problems and can send you back to the office with a spring in your step.

We recommend prioritizing your own professional development rather than waiting for your manager or company to do it for you, as otherwise you can get stuck in a particular role or a company which isn’t working for you without the skills to get you out of it. Even if you can’t afford the financial or time commitment of an accredited course there are loads of options out there to at least get you started, here are a few ideas for developing yourself and improving your chances of success.

Why is data protection vital for businesses?

As we will be discussing on Radio Mijas this afternoon at 16.25, as part of the Internet Security Day, Data Protection is a really vital topic and poor data protection practices can damage your corporate reputation, as well as lead to hefty fines. If you and...

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